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HelloSign’s Flexible Features for Enterprise

Take Signing to a New Level

Make templates more flexible

Variable Signers

Documents aren't one size fits all. Before variable signers, a sender would have to have different versions of their templates to accommodate the different number of signers. With variable signers, a template can automatically adjust to the number of signers needed.

This happens directly in the HelloSign signature request without having to create new templates.

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Circle showing a HelloSign document being reassigned by two different people
delegate to the correct signer

Signer Reassignment

Have you ever sent a document to Julie in accounting when it actually needed to be signed by Bob in HR? It creates a lot of unnecessary back-and-forths. Signer reassignment allows recipients to delegate signing to someone else. The original signer can enter a name and email and then “reassign” a signature request.

Decline Signatures

Decline to Sign

Sometimes documents get sent your way that you just can not or will not sign. Maybe terms have changed or the signing stakeholders find an error in the agreement. Now with Decline to Sign, a signer can reject the signature request to end the signing flow. The requester knows why the document was declined because the signer is asked to provide a mandatory “Reason Why”.

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Decline to sign on HelloSign document screenshot

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