Having integrated both the EchoSign API and the Dropbox Sign API, I can tell you that it was about 10 times easier to implement the Dropbox Sign API.

How Trxade uses Dropbox Sign API


The lengthy application process required by pharmaceutical vendors has long been a pain point for independent pharmacists. The application process can take upwards of 48 hours and most wholesale vendors require complex paperwork and a series of back and forth approvals.


To integrate EchoSign (now AdobeSign) initially it took about a month and a lot of back and forth with their support since it wasn’t quite as easy to implement some of the features as they said. I recall it taking a lot of time to get it working.


My biggest liking about Dropbox Sign was just the ease. We used some of your advanced functionality right off the bat and it was really quick to implement and that was really nice.

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