Fountain Transforms Hiring Across 1,000 Cities and 7 Industries

Reduces attrition, boosts Net Promoter Score, and facilitates 10X growth for big customers

Fountain Transforms Hiring Across 1,000 Cities and 7 Industries

Reduces attrition, boosts Net Promoter Score, and facilitates 10X growth for big customers

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Reduces attrition, boosts Net Promoter Score, and facilitates 10X growth for big customers

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The hourly workforce - the biggest source of jobs in the United States and globally - is highly mobile and eager to start working as rapidly as possible. Fountain’s customers - the businesses recruiting this workforce - have to move quickly to hire.

The most critical part of the hiring process is getting an applicant to the final contract signing stage fast. Initially, Fountain’s software integrated with DocuSign for this step. The DocuSign integration just didn’t give them what they needed. Ashley shared, “With DocuSign, applicants had to follow a separate process via email when it came to signing the contract, which was a huge barrier for the applicant.” Additionally, the signing flow was DocuSign-branded, not employer-branded, which caused confusion for some applicants. This led to higher-than-average attrition rates and unsatisfied customers.

“We wanted to remove every possible barrier to the application experience and make it as smooth as possible so our customers can find the right applicants, and the applicants can find the right job(s),” says Ashley.

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  • to explain
  • to understand and use
  • to administrate

Growth in markets served achieved by largest client in less than a year

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  • document signing is faster
  • response times are shorter
  • signature workflow is more transparent

Applicants hired monthly through Fountain

“With HelloSign as an enabler, we were able to scale our largest client by 10X in less than a year, and HelloSign’s API handled the volume and growth with no issues.”

- Ashley Green, Head of Customer Success


With approximately 50% of hourly workforce applicants coming in through mobile, a mobile-first signing experience was a high priority, and a big factor in why Fountain chose to integrate with HelloSign.

“Our integration with the HelloSign API allows the contract signature step to pop up right in the browser, so applicants can very easily sign with their finger wherever they are, like in the back of an Uber for example,” says Ashley.

HelloSign’s completely embeddable, white-labeled experience was a key differentiator. “It allows us to be 100% native, meaning we don't have to expose multiple, different brands to an applicant. The cohesive applicant experience we provide eliminates confusion,” says Ashley.

Finally, the startup-friendliness of HelloSign was attractive. “With other partners you do get a corporate feeling that you're just another possible partner. With HelloSign it’s completely different. Even our customers have expressed how happy they are with the support of HelloSign. It's incredible what just being responsive does for people,” says Ashley.

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Nearly 1 Million Applicants Seamlessly Served Per Month

For businesses to reach job applicants on their own, they have to manually send 15 to 20 emails. When customers start using Fountain’s hiring automation software, they’re able to increase that by more than 10X, sending on average 200+ emails per day through Fountain’s intelligent software. “Now we’re powering nearly 1 million applications every month. By integrating with HelloSign and white-labeling the contract signing process, we’re able to provide a consistent brand experience for our customers and for the applicants,” says Ashley.

Fountain’s customers are also focused on keeping their brand integrity throughout the hiring process, which HelloSign facilitates. “Having the whole process tied to the employer brand a person is applying to improves the screening process and positively impacts retention for our customers.”

Reduced Attrition Enables 96,000 Applicants to be Hired Monthly

Today’s hourly workforce is tech savvy. Enabling businesses to deliver a mobile-first job application process means Fountain’s customers attract and connect with the target applicant pool much faster. In fact, Fountain’s platform is enabling their customers to hire 96,000 applicants each month on average.

They’ve also significantly shortened the hiring timeline for their customers and applicants because they now deliver one integrated workflow. “Leveraging the HelloSign API integration, applicants can sign the contract and schedule their first work day or session immediately. A process that used to take hours now takes just minutes,” says Ashley.

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Fountain delivers hiring automation software focused on opening opportunities for the global workforce - for businesses who hire large hourly workforces and for applicants themselves. They serve the restaurant, retail, hospitality, grocery, distribution and manufacturing, on-demand and delivery, and health and beauty industries in 50 countries.

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Launched: 2014

Headquarter: San Francisco

Nearly 1 Million: Applicants served per month

96,000: Hires facilitated per month on average

Fast Growth in Revenue and Markets Served

Fountain’s monthly API volume was initially around 6,000 calls. In just over a year it’s gone up by a factor of ten, with over 65,000 API calls being made each month. Integrating HelloSign into their single, seamless onboarding workflow has been a force multiplier helping them achieve significant growth and scale.

"Since delivering the integrated white labeled experience with HelloSign, our revenue has increased,” says Ashley.

Additionally, “With HelloSign as an enabler, we were able to scale our largest client by 10X in less than a year, and HelloSign’s API handled the volume and growth with no issues,” Ashley adds.

Increased Net Promoter Score (NPS)

“Since integrating with HelloSign 18 months ago our NPS has increased,” says Ashley. The rise in customer satisfaction is also bolstered by their ability to enable onboarding documentation in 16 languages, including most of the major European and Asian languages, all of which HelloSign supports.

What’s Next for Fountain?

Fountain has achieved great success for their on-demand customers by dramatically improving the applicant experience. They are now building upon this success by releasing a more comprehensive product aimed at helping companies with multiple locations and brands manage all their applicants in the same seamless capacity. This opens the doors for franchises in all industries to compete for the same qualified workers that are undoubtedly finding work faster with on- demand companies.

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