Get your sales team set-up with HelloSign eSignatures

Looking to get sales documents signed quickly and effectively, so your team can close deals faster? We've got you covered.

This eBook covers everything you need to know about implementing eSignatures and eSignature integrations to empower any sales team to close at the speed of lightning.

Inside you'll learn: 

  • All your options for deploying eSignatures to your Sales team (including CRM integrations)
  • Comparison of key competitors in the eSignature space
  • Key features to dig into when evaluating an eSignature solutions
  • Deep-dive into the trust, security, and legality of eSignatures at HelloSign
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Frequently asked questions

What is sales productivity?
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The measurement of how efficiently sales team can achieve business goals and close deals. Saving the company both time and money.

How can salespeople increase their sales productivity and improve sales leadership?
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By developing integrated workflows that support sales funnels to acquire new business, nurture leads and complete sales.

What are the key pillars of sales productivity?
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Companies can improve sales productivity by making it easy for prospects to sign contracts, and automating repetitive tasks using incremental closes.

How do you keep a sales team productive?
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The average rep spends only 34% of their time selling and nearly 10% focused on admin tasks. Reducing admin time can increase productivity.