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It's frustrating enough to hunt down the perfect apartment or home. By the time you're ready to sign the lease, the last thing you want to do is print, scan, and fax. No worries! eSignature technology makes it so you can sign your lease online with a legally binding electronic signature.

HelloSign is a company that empowers anyone to sign a document right from their computer or their mobile device. Our electronic signatures are compliant with all major eSignature laws like eIDAS, ESIGN, and UETA. Your documents are also protected by bank-level security and encrypted.

Here's an example of how to sign a lease online using HelloSign:

  • Sign up for your HelloSign account. You can connect your Google credentials or use a unique email and password.
  • Create and save your electronic signature. You have several options including drawing in your signature with your mouse or using a touchscreen to sign using your finger.
  • Upload the lease. Choose to upload from your desktop or from a number of integrated apps like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.
  • Drag and drop your signature. Simply select your saved signature and drag it to the appropriate line on the lease. You'll also have the option to insert initials or fill out other lines with your information.

That's it! Try it out for yourself by signing up for a HelloSign account.

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