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How to make a handwritten signature easily using HelloSign

Smart businesses are finding ways to reduce the time consumption, cost and productivity losses stemming from printing, signing and sending their documents. Technology has delivered a much better solution. HelloSign’s handwritten signature maker makes it super simple to sign and send documents digitally using your own handwriting.

HelloSign is an electronic signature system that allows you to draw a handwritten signature online. It works with iPad, iOS, and Android, so you can sign documents digitally using any device. Sign mortgage documents, leases, loan papers, a non-disclosure agreement and more. HelloSign is powerful, easy and intelligent - it provides you with a number of different ways to sign, including using your own handwriting.

Sign anytime, anywhere, anyhow

With HelloSign the options to create a cursive signature online are many. Sign with your finger using HelloSign’s mobile app for iOS or Android, or utilize our in-person signing feature on iPad. Alternatively, create a handwritten signature using a computer touchpad or mouse. You may wish to snapshot your signature on a smartphone and upload it to HelloSign, or even type a signature before customising it with our authentic handwritten fonts. Get signing with your personal signature in minutes, with just a few clicks, for free!

Drastically reduce both costs & paperwork

The costs associated with signing, scanning and shipping your documents is staggering. Now you can modernize the way your company conducts business, by creating your handwritten signature online with HelloSign. Businesses are spending an estimated $350 billion each year on paperwork, which results in productivity losses of $19,000 per employee per year. It’s easy to reduce these costs with HelloSign.

HelloSign’s eSignature software is secure, simple and offers:

  • Bank level security: Your documents are secure in file transit with SSL encryption
  • Business class features: HelloSign’s team management tools allow you to easily add, upgrade, or remove team members
  • Flexible workflows: Request signatures from up to 20 different people in any order

Legally binding, fully valid handwritten signatures

In the United States, electronic signatures have been considered a legally binding option since the year 2000. For a legally binding electronic signature to be effective, it should contain a full audit trail that helps confirm that the paperwork hasn't had any unauthorized alterations.

HelloSign provides this for you.

HelloSign keeps your documents secure with the help of our state-of-the-art ISO 27001 certified, Tier III, SSAE-16 data center. We take the security of both you and your important documents seriously.

Isn’t it time to start generating handwritten signatures online yourself?

Handwritten Signature FAQs

How do I make a handwritten signature online?

Create a handwritten signature using HelloSign’s mobile app for iOS or Android, or utilize our in-person signing feature on iPad. Alternatively, you can manually draw your signature using a computer touchpad or mouse. You can also capture a snapshot of an existing signature on your smartphone and upload it to HelloSign, or even type a signature before customising it with our authentic handwritten fonts.

Are handwritten eSignatures legally binding?

Electronic signatures have been considered legally binding since the year 2000 in the United States, so long as they contain a full audit trail to confirm that the paperwork hasn’t had any unauthorized alterations, something that HelloSign provides.

Is it free to generate a handwritten signature online?

HelloSign offers a free package to generate your handwritten signature online, with up to three documents allowed to be shared for signature each month. There are three paid packages offering varying different features tailored to your needs. See them all on our pricing page.

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How to make a PDF signable

When you sign up for a free trial you’ll immediately be able to move documents from one party to another for electronic PDF signatures, in seconds. Finalize agreements, obtain approvals and complete applications with a matter of clicks. You can even begin the process of onboarding new hires, without spending anything. The first three documents of each month are free and you’ll get unlimited documents when you sign up for any Essentials plan or above.
1. Create a free HelloSign account
2. Upload your PDF
3. Format the PDF with a signature field
4. Insert your eSignature
5. Send and store the document
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