Onboarding Paperwork, Reimagined

Get Onboarding Paperwork Completed up to 3X Faster

Improve Document Completion Rates

HelloWorks speeds up onboarding paperwork by pre-populating data onto forms and only showing relevant information to new hires. The result is a dynamic, mobile-first form-filling experience that's fast and simple for new hires to complete.

Instacart uses HelloWorks to simplify contractor onboarding paperwork and increased completion rates from 70% to 96%.

Integrate Seamlessly

HelloWorks has an open API that’s designed to fit seamlessly into your existing onboarding processes. Directly integrate HelloWorks using the API and automatically send completed forms to your backend HR systems or your Dropbox account.

Intelligent Forms, Not PDFs

Data flows more freely when PDFs are removed. With HelloWorks, information entered auto-populates to any duplicate fields on the form, conditional logic changes questions based on previous answers, and real-time data validation confirms information is entered correctly.

Onboard Contractors & Employees at Scale

Onboarding a high volume of employees and contractors is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Welcome to the brave new world of digital HR.

Inside you’ll find:

  • The four signs your company is ready for HR automation
  • The ROI of investing in digital HR onboarding
  • Three solutions for scaling essential HR processes like employee and contractor onboarding

HelloWorks allowed Instacart to create a seamless onboarding experience for our shoppers. All of the steps that a shopper needs to get started are now housed entirely in the app, which we couldn’t have accomplished without the HelloWorks solution.”

Ryan Black, Sr. Manager of Legal Operations, Instacart

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