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Is HelloSign an Online Signature App?

We sure are! HelloSign was founded in 2013 and has since helped hundreds of thousands of people safely and securely sign their documents online. You can learn a little more about what we do by visiting our Tour Page.

Can I use the HelloSign signature app to sign on my mobile phone?

Yes! Our online signature app is optimized for all your devices, including mobile phones. You can also use HelloSign to sign from your desktop or your tablet. Each device will give you an optimized signer experience that helps you efficiently navigate through any document you need to prepare or sign.

What sets HelloSign apart as an online signature app?

One of the biggest differentiators at HelloSign is our user-friendly interface. We know admin applications can get hairy and complicated pretty quickly. So our goal has always been to provide a tool that’s both functional and easy to use! This continues to be top priority as as we add new features and integrating with new companies.

What are some of your most valuable features?

Hard pressed, we’d have to say some of our most valuable features include:

  • Data Validation
  • Automation features like “Insert Signature Everywhere”
  • User permissions
  • In-person signing

But we have a whole squad of features that help users create their very best signing experience. You can learn about all our features here!

Does your signature app integrate with any other companies?

We do! We’ve integrated with quite a few companies over the years to bring online signing directly to the applications you use most. Since our first integration with Google, we’ve integrated with companies like DropboxEvernote, Box, Slack, and the HubSpot CRM.

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