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While it's completely legal to sign agreements online, it's not quite as straightforward as scribbling your signature in using Microsoft Paint. In order to make an agreement legally binding online, you need to use a secure and compliant electronic signature. Trusted eSignature providers like HelloSign empower you to create yours.

HelloSign is an eSignature solution, providing legally binding electronic signatures that can be used to sign all types of important agreements. We're compliant with all major eSignature laws, including UETA, ESIGN, and eIDAS. All your documents are stored securely and encrypted at rest.

Other protections include:

  • Bank-level security for you and your documents. Your connection to HelloSign is secure and encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). 
  • Timestamped audit trails. All documents have a court permissible audit trail attached to them, giving you full insight into the journey of your documents.
  • User permission codes. Only the people you want to see a document will have permission to view.

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