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It's never been easier to sign a document online. Electronic signatures make signing documents fast and easy, and are much more compatible with our increasingly digital lifestyles. When you're no longer tied down to printers or fax machines, it's possible to sign on the go, from anywhere in the world.

HelloSign is an eSignature platform providing legally binding electronic signatures that are both secure and simple to use. With HelloSign's easy-to-navigate signing flow, you'll have the power to sign documents like freelance contracts, NDAs, new hire paperwork, tax forms, and many others, within the span of a few clicks. Every document signed using HelloSign is protected by all major eSignature laws, securely stored, and easily accessible from your HelloSign account.

Here's how to sign your first document using HelloSign:

  • Step 1. Create a HelloSign account. It's easy to sign up, and even easier to use.
  • Step 2. Upload the document you want signed to your account. Choose to upload from our integrated applications like Box, Dropbox, Evernote, or from your own desktop.
  • Step 3. Choose who needs to sign your document. You have three options: "Me & Others," "Just Me," or "Just Others."
  • Step 4. Prepare your document for signature. To create a signature field, simply drag and drop a signature box to the appropriate location in your document. 
  • Step 5. Sign the document or send it out for signature. If you need to sign the document, insert your own electronic signature. If others are signing, send the document out for signature via email, right from your HelloSign account.

Easy as that! Sign up for a free HelloSign account receive three free documents per month. Pro plans and above unlock unlimited documents, templates, and much more!

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