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Have you ever needed to sign a document online, but it's in an un-editable format like a PDF? Luckily there's a better solution than printing the document and scanning it back onto your computer. Secure and legally binding eSignature solutions make it fast and easy to sign traditionally "locked" documents such as PDFs. That means you can take something like a W-9 tax form and fill it out without ever having to print the document. HelloSign – a secure and easy eSignature solution – provides you with right tools to sign all your most important PDFs online.

HelloSign user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to safely and securely sign PDFs online. Not only can you legally sign your PDFs, you can also fill in all fields of the PDF document by formatting with special text boxes and check boxes. A time-stamped audit trail is automatically attached to the document, giving you total insight into the journey of the document. 

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  • Step 1. Create a HelloSign account. Enter your email address and password or sign up with your Google account.
  • Step 2. Upload the PDF. You can upload the document from one of the many apps we integrate with, such as Box, Evernote, Google Docs, or you can upload from your own desktop.
  • Step 3. Format your PDF with a signature field. Drag and drop a signature box to the correct location on the PDF document. You can also format the document with other special fields such as "date" and check boxes.
  • Step 4. Insert your eSignature. If it's your first time using HelloSign, you'll be prompted to create and save your eSignature. You'll do this by typing your name in and choosing from a selection of fonts, writing in your signature using your mouse, or draw your signature using a touchscreen. 
  • Step 5. Send and store the document. Once the PDF is completed, you can send it out to any recipient(s) of your choosing. Simply enter their email address(es) and include an optional custom note.

That's it! Sign up for a HelloSign account to get started. The first three documents of each month are free. You'll get unlimited documents when you sign up for any Pro plan or above.

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