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How to Set Up Electronic Signatures with HelloSign

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If you're wondering how to set up electronic signatures, you've come to the right place. There are many advantages of using electronic signatures instead of traditional signatures with ink and paper. 

With HelloSign, setting up a document for electronic signature is a cinch. Not only do we use intuitive drag and drop functionality that makes it incredibly simple to set documents of for eSigning, but we also make it possible for anyone to eSign from anywhere on any device. 

To set up an electronic signature with HelloSign, simply:

  • Got to and set up an account for free. 
  • Upload the document you'd like to be signed. You can drag it from your desktop or any of your favorite cloud storage apps. 
  • Use the intuitive drag and drop functionality to place the right text box in the right place. 
  • Enter the recipient's email and a short note before pressing send. 


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