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Signing documents online is easier than ever thanks to eSignature technology. But as a relatively new way of signing, new adopters are understandably curious about the safety and security of electronic signing.

Good news! Online signing is actually more secure than traditional pen and paper methods. Because of bank-level security and other online user protections, you can rest assured that your online documents are safe.

Here are just a few reasons online signatures provide superior security for your documents: 

  • Time-stamped audit trails that are court permissible. These give you a full overview of the journey of your document, including exactly when it’s opened, viewed, signed, etc.
  • User permission codes. This protection makes it so that only the people you want to see the document can access it.
  • Encrypted storage of the PDF. Gives you the opportunity to safely and securely store a copy of the signed PDF.

See the security of HelloSign eSignatures in action by creating a HelloSign account. Pro plans unlock power features like user permission codes and unlimited documents.

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