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It can be frustrating when you need to fill out or sign a document in an un-editable format, like a PDF. In days past, that meant you needed to print the PDF, fill it out and sign it by hand, and then scan it back onto your computer. No more! You can now use eSignature technology to fill out PDFs online and sign them with a legally binding electronic signature.

HelloSign is an eSignature provider, offering a user-friendly and secure way to sign all your most important documents. We're compliant with all major eSignature laws (ESIGN, UETA, eIDAS) and customer data is protected with bank-level security. 

Signing a PDF is as simple as signing up for a HelloSign account and creating your first eSignature. Here's how to sign a PDF using HelloSign:

  • Create your HelloSign account.  Connect your Google login or enter in a unique email and password.
  • Create your eSignature. You have a variety of options when creating your eSignature including: drawing in your signature using your mouse, signing on a touchscreen using your finger, uploading a photo of your paper signature, or typing in your signature.
  • Drag and drop your signature to the correct field on the PDF. The saved eSignature you just created will be inserted into the document. 

That's it! Try it out for yourself by signing up for a HelloSign account. 

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