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Have you ever needed to sign and send an important document right away, but you don't have access to a printer or a fax machine? In days past, it would have been a frustrating hurdle to overcome. But nowadays with electronic signature solutions like HelloSign, you can easily format, legally sign, and send documents in just a few clicks.

Using HelloSign – a powerful, legally-binding eSignature solution for individuals, teams, and businesses – you can style and insert your very own electronic signature into any document online. Using HelloSign's easy-to-use interface you have multiple ways to create your electric signature online. You can:

  • Type your signature. Choose the font that most closely matches your own signature for a stylized signature.
  • Use your finger or a stylus to draw in your signature. This is useful for any touchscreen, such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • Use your mouse to draw your signature. This option is convenient when creating a signature on a desktop.
  • Upload a photo of your signature. It will be transformed into a .png file, making it look just like your regular signature.

Test it out for yourself! Sign-up for a free HelloSign account and create your own electronic signature online in just a few minutes. Get unlimited documents with every pro account and above.

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