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Electronic signatures are the easiest way to get any contract or document signed legally, quickly, and efficiently. They're even easier when you're using devices that have a touchscreen, like a smartphone or an iPad. Using a touchscreen lets you sign with your finger or stylus while you're on the go, wherever you happen to be.

HelloSign is an electronic signature solution that helps you get contracts, leases, and other business documents signed entirely online and on any device. Simply add a signature field in the appropriate location, and use the touchscreen signing option to write out your signature. That's it! A copy of the signed document will be saved and copies will be automatically sent to whomever you specify.

Here are just a few examples of how HelloSign can be used from an iPad to get things electronically signed quickly:

  • Rental agents can use an iPad to sign or renew leases while on site at the property (no travel, no printing, no mailing or faxing forms).
  • HR teams can onboarding new employees entirely online with in-person signing of the documents to save time and avoid printing dozens of forms.
  • Sales teams can close deals by signing the contract with the customer, making the moment that much more impactful.

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