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What is HelloSign?

HelloSign was created to make it easy to sign all your most important documents online. We know what a pain it is to run back and forth from the printer and scanner (if you even have one!) when completing paperwork. We also know some admin software can get complicated quickly. To solve these pain points, we focused on making a simple, sleek eSignature app that’s easy to navigate.

How do I Sign Documents Online?

It’s super easy to start signing online! Just create a free HelloSign account, upload your document, and format the document with a signature box in the appropriate area. Once you have a signature in place, you can either insert your own signature or send the document to another party to get their signature.

There are a few different ways to create a signature which you can learn about here.

What kind of documents can I sign online?

You can sign all sorts of documents online! A few popular examples are offer letters and contracts, but it doesn’t stop there. Our customers have used HelloSign to sign:

  • Vendor applications
  • Escrow paperwork
  • Mortgage
  • Employee benefits paperwork
  • Lease
  • Plus more!

Is it secure to sign my documents online?

Yep! HelloSign provides bank-level security to keep your information safe and secure. We also offer additional features that ensure that you always have full control over the journey of your document. These features include:

  • Time stamped audit-trails to give you an overview of every touchpoint of your document.
  • User permissions to securely share sensitive documents with included parties.
  • Two factor authentication as an added protection against for log-ins.
  • Signer order to ensure that the person you want signing is getting the document at the right time.

What types of industries use eSignatures to sign online?

A lot! As eSignatures become the norm for signing, most industries have adopted some form of electronic signing. The cost and time savings associated with having an entirely electronic workflow are also huge! We’ve had users cut the document turnaround time with their clients from over a month to less than a day.

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Digitally Sign PDF Document

Use HelloSign to Digitally Sign PDF Document

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Illustration of a hand with a pen, and a signature inside of a computer screen window
Illustration showing the HelloSign interface

Did you know you can electronically sign documents online, even when they're in an un-editable format like a PDF? Signing PDF documents online makes in incredibly simple to get your most important paperwork filled out and signed quickly, even when you don't have access to a printer, scanner, or fax machine. HelloSign – an eSignature solution – gives you all the tools you need to sign PDF documents online.

HelloSign provides legally binding electronic signatures, each protected by an army of security regulations and compliances. Using HelloSign, you can format your PDFs with special formatting fields (like text fields, check boxes, date fields, signature fields, and more) so you can fill out PDF documents and insert your legally binding signature. You can also send the completed document via email to recipients of your choosing.

It’s simple to get started!

Step 1
Create your HelloSign account.
Use the Google authenticator or enter in your email and a password.
Step 2
Upload your PDF document.
Pull the PDF document into your account from your desktop or upload from one of the many apps we integrate with, like Box, Evernote, Google Docs, and more.
Step 3
Format the PDF using special formatting fields.
Just drag and drop each field onto the relevant part of the document.
Step 4
Fill out and sign the PDF.
Enter your information into each field, and insert your electronic signature to make the PDF legally binding.
Step 5
Send and store.
You have the option to send the completed document to a recipient or recipients via email. A copy of the completed document will also be saved to your HelloSign account.
All done
That’s it!
Sign up for your HelloSign account to get started. The first three documents of every month are free, with unlimited documents for any holder of a Pro plan or above.

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Free Document Signing

HelloSign: Free Document Signing

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Illustration of a hand with a pen, and a signature inside of a computer screen window
Illustration showing the HelloSign interface

It's easier than ever to sign all your most important documents without the hassle of a printer, scanner, or fax machine. Legally binding electronic signatures empower you to sign documents online using a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

HelloSign is an eSignature provider dedicated to making the process of signing paperwork less painful and cumbersome. Using our free eSignature tool, you can create an electronic signature, format documents, store signed documents – all online!

In addition to providing easy to use electronic signatures, we also offer other services that make paperwork a breeze. Here are just a few features you'll enjoy with a paid HelloSign account:

Prepare a document once, save it as a template, and then use it again and again.
Data validation.
You'll never have to worry about accidentally filling in an email address in the wrong field.
Email alerts.
Enjoy automatic email reminders and alerts for any action taken with your document. For example, you'll see when a document has been opened, viewed, and signed.
Secure storage.
All documents are kept safely and securely in your HelloSign account.
Ready to get signing?
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Please note these features may only be available on certain HelloSign plans. Please contact a Sales representative if you are interested in learning which plan would be best for you.

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An illustration of a paper document, esignature document, and a signature