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How To Make Digital Signature Using HelloSign

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Interested in making an electronic signature? You've in the right place! Creating a unique eSignature is easier than ever, thanks to online signing solutions like HelloSign. Our legally binding electronic signatures are simple to make and even easier to use.

HelloSign empowers users to create and save legally binding electronic signatures, making it incredibly easy for anyone to securely sign a document online. Electronic signatures that are created using HelloSign comply with all major eSignature laws such as eIDAS, ESIGN, and UETA. Your HelloSign account is protected by bank-level security and you can always keep a close eye on the journey of your document by way of time-stamped audit trails, which are attached to every document. You'll be able to see every single interaction with your document during the signing flow, including when it was opened, viewed, signed, etc.

As soon as you create a HelloSign account, you can create your electronic signature. You'll have several options to choose from, including:

  • Drawing in your signature using your mouse.
  • Signing directly on a touchscreen, using a stylus or your finger.
  • Typing in your name and selecting from a variety of fonts.
  • Uploading a photo of your paper signature. 

Easy as that! After creating your signature, save it to your account and use it any time you need to sign a document. Sign up for a HelloSign account to get started. Pro plans and above unlock features like templates, unlimited documents, and many more.

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