How Do You Sign A Document Online?

How Do You Sign A Document Online with HelloSign?

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When someone send you a contract, waiver, or document to sign via email, it can be a pain to have to print, sign, then scan the paperwork. You're probably wondering, "How do you sign a document online?" It's easier than you think. 

With HelloSign, you can sign a document online for free. Simply upload your document, add where you want to place your signature, sign it, and then send it off. 

HelloSign allows you to choose from a variety of signatures: 

  • Take a photo of your signature with your smartphone 
  • Drawn signature
  • Type your signature
  • Upload an image of your signature

HelloSign is easy to use for both signers and signature requesters. Try it out today and start your free account. You get three free documents every month.

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