How Do You Create An Electronic Signature

How Do You Create An Electronic Signature

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Electronic signatures provide a perfect replacement for outdated paper processes that rely on clunky, old and expensive technology like fax machines and scanners. There are many advantages to electronic signatures over traditional pen and ink signatures including increased security of the documents, faster turn-around times on mission-critical signatures and decreased costs.

It's incredibly easy to create an electronic signature with HelloSign. With a few clicks you'll be able to start seeing real benefits from eSignatures. 

HelloSign enables you to:

  • Set-up, send and track a any type of document out for eSignature.
  • Know exactly when the recipient opens and completed the document. 
  • Receive copies of all signed documents in your HelloSign account for easy reference. 

To get started with electronic signatures today, download a free copy of our eSignatures 101.

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