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If you've ever needed to make an agreement legally binding online, you know it's not enough to simply acknowledge the terms of the agreement with a basic "I agree!" email. You need something more secure and legally binding to seal a deal. The HelloSign Gmail plug-in gives you the proper tools to sign any document with your legally binding eSignature, right from your email account. You'll never even have to navigate away from your email account. This is great news for anyone who frequently needs to sign or get agreements signed online. 

HelloSign is a legally binding eSignature solution that provides a user-friendly way for anyone to sign documents like contracts, agreements, and more online. We also support a number of integrations, giving you a way to sign documents in your favorite applications. The HelloSign Gmail plug-in is one of our most popular integrations.

Setting up the HelloSign Gmail plug-in is incredibly easy. You'll be signing in just 3 steps!

  • Step 1. Install the HelloSign's Gmail plug-in.
  • Step 2. Click the “Sign” button. 
  • Step 3. Sign the document and send it off.

That's it! To reap the benefits of HelloSign's other integrations, sign up for a free HelloSign trial. You'll enjoy features like unlimited documents, templates, and more with any Pro plan and above.

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