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Electronically signed documents have now become standard operating procedure in business today with eSignatures having a legal status equivalent to a written signature.

HelloSign's user-friendly platform makes the process of electronically signing documents simple, fast and completely secure. Embed electronic signing into your existing website, portals, and applications. Seamlessly integrate right with your existing workflow.

Securely send, track and manage your signed documents from anywhere, anytime. From simple service contracts, to complex real estate transactions, to sensitive financial material. Contract management, forms, and workflow will now be easier, and completely online. 

HelloSign's electronic signature solution lets you:

  • Set the order of multiple signers
  • Specify the types of fields (with data validation to increase signer accuracy)
  • Require a document passcode for extra security
  • Customize the eSignature emails with your logo and colors

t's easy to get started with HelloSign. Once you sign up, choose who needs to sign, upload your document, set the fields, and send or download! Get started for free today--get unlimited signatures with our Pro and Business plans.

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