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Remember the old way you and your associates used to sign and ship documents? It was a tedious and time consuming process. Fortunately, now there is a better way. Electronically sign Word documents and other items, and send them almost instantly with HelloSign.

HelloSign’s eSignature service allows you to electronically sign a Word document and documents from 16 other popular file formats, including Powerpoint, PDF, and Excel. We provide a best-in-class user experience along with a world-class developer experience, giving you a unique combination of a great user interface and a powerful platform. With HelloSign:

  • You can either upload or drag and drop your files
  • You can specify up to 20 other people to sign by inserting their names and email addresses
  • You can CC anyone who needs a copy but does not need to sign
  • You can sign your documents electronically

Discover how easy it is to electronically sign Word documents and other items. Start your free trial of HelloSign today.

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