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Electronic signatures are a great way to get any document signed quickly, efficiently, and legally. They're particularly helpful when used on devices that have a touchscreen, like a smartphone or an iPad. Using a touchscreen when signing enables you to sign (or have others sign) important documents in real time, wherever you are.

HelloSign – an electronic solution helping customers get contracts, leases, and other business documents signed entirely online – can be used to collect legally binding signatures right from a tablet or iPad. Simply format your document for signature, add a signature field in the appropriate location, and use the touchscreen signing option to collect write out the signature. That's it! A copy of the signed document will be saved and copies will be automatically sent to the right people.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use your iPad to get things electronically signed:

  • Rental agents can use an iPad to sign or renew leases on the property location, so renters don't have to print and send their own forms.
  • HR teams can get onboarding paperwork signed in real-time instead of printing out dozens of forms.
  • Sales teams can close deals wherever they happen to be, whether traveling at a conference or networking at an event.

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