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More than ever, companies and individuals are seeing the enormous benefit of digitally signing their most important documents. Rather than wasting time printing, signing, scanning, faxing, and storing documents, they can use an eSignature application to request an eSignature and get their documents returned and safely stored in a matter of minutes. This saves paper processing costs, storage costs, and precious time and energy as a result!

HelloSign is an eSignature application that makes it incredibly simple to collect legally binding signatures online. HelloSign is secure and easy to use – anyone can request and sign documents right from their computer or smartphone. Simply create your HelloSign account, upload a document, add your eSignature, and send it to the relevant parties. 

There are several ways to create your signature online so you can sign documents digitally. Here are four ways to create your online signature using HelloSign:

  • Upload a photo of your signature (or take a photo of your signature using your smartphone).
  • Write in your signature using a touchpad or touchscreen.
  • Type in your signature and select from a variety of fonts.
  • Use your mouse to draw in your signature.

That's it! Once you include create your electronic signature, you can save it to your account and use it for any of your future documents. Get started by creating your HelloSign account today.

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