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If your business is looking to insert a a digital signature in word, you should consider an electronic signature, or eSignature, instead. They are legal n the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, the EU, and many other areas of the world.  HelloSign offers a simple, easy to use eSignature software that allows you to sign documents in Microsoft Word.  It also works in other popular formats, like Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and more - in case you have other documents that need to be signed.

With HelloSign, you simply upload your documents to be signed. You can prepare them to be signed by just you or up to 20 other signers.  And if you need things to be filled out, you can insert text, initials, checkboxes and dates.

Our Electronic Signature software allows you to:

  • Get documents signed by people around the world in minutes
  • Reduce turnaround time for important agreements
  • Reduce signer error
  • Produce legally binding records that show the time and date someone received, viewed, and signed your document
  • Access documents from home, the office, or your mobile device

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