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What Device is Needed to Use Digital Signature Services?

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Wondering what devices you need to use HelloSign’s eSignature software and services? That’s easy- any. The HelloSign electronic signature service allows you to work on the go. Use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer or any device that offers internet access.

You have options when choosing your eSignature provider. HelloSign is a cloud-based eSignature software tool that allows you to simply fill out, sign, send, retrieve, and save all of your documents paperlessly. Anytime, anywhere, safely and securely. Whether you are new to electronic and digital signature software or searching for a better choice, HelloSign is right for you. 

With the HelloSign electronic signature service you can:

  • SCAN- with your smartphone camera to electronically sign a paper document. The HelloSign App doubles as a mobile scanner. Take a picture of your document and import it to be signed.
  • EDIT- before sending. Need to add an addendum to a contract? Forgot to check a box? The HelloSign app lets you edit a PDF so you can fill in important areas so that it is ready to send on the fly.
  • SIGN- from anywhere. Your HelloSign mobile app means you no longer have to track down other parties, sit around the office, or seek out a copy store to print and sign a document.
  • SEND- with confidence. Your company’s data stays completely secure, with SSL encryption and world-class server infrastructure. Hello Sign also provides extra protections like signer- specific pass codes and password protected documents

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