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What is HelloSign?

HelloSign provides fast, secure, and legally-binding eSignatures. Our app is available for use on your desktop, your tablet, or any of your mobile devices.

You can use HelloSign to send eSignature requests, track the signing status of any document, and format your online paperwork efficiently and accurately. But most importantly, you can use HelloSign to automate paperwork and save time and valuable resources.

Let’s dive a little deeper...

How can I use HelloSign to automate my workflow?

HelloSign provides an easy way to make signing documents less time-consuming and mentally straining.

Here are a few ways eSignatures can be used to automate paperwork flows:

  • Send signature requests via your email and receive automatic signature notifications.
  • Create document templates so you don’t have to reformat your frequently used documents.
  • Autofill documents with information from a CRM. For an example of CRM data merging, check out our HubSpot CRM integration FAQ.

HelloSign also works with other commonly used applications to make signing in whatever program you’re in as simple as possible. We’re happy to integrate with companies like GoogleDropbox, and Slack (to name a few).

Why is paperwork automation important?

Imagine that you need to get an important document signed by the end of the day, but the stakeholder is out of the office. The traditional way of signing paper would require you to print the document, scan it over to them, and then wait for your partner print, sign, and fax back to you.

Now imagine if you could just send the document to your partner via email. They could open the doc and sign directly in their email account. You’d get a notification when they’ve signed and the completed form would automatically download to your account. This saves hours of admin work and reduces unnecessary back and forth.

eSignatures simplify the signing process.

Are eSignatures legal?

Yes, eSignatures are considered a legal form of signature by all fifty states in the US and most other countries. You can learn more about the legality of eSignatures here. HelloSign signatures are secure and protected on all fronts. Here are just a few of the security checkpoints:

  • Secure data storage
  • SSL hosting
  • Audit-trails with time stamps
  • Features like two-factor authentication

Learn more about the security of HelloSign eSignatures here.

What industries are using HelloSign?

Most industries that deal with paperwork in some way or form have taken their paperwork online. Whether the majority of your documents are internal (like onboarding paperwork) or external (sales contracts), there’s growing need to make the paperwork process as simple and seamless as possible.

Here are just a few examples of industries who have benefitted from taking their paperwork online:

  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Sales
  • HR

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