HelloSign is now Dropbox Sign

As part of the Dropbox vision to build one place for all of your content, we’ve changed our name and made some significant improvements.

What's happening

HelloSign is now Dropbox Sign, HelloSign API is now Dropbox Sign API, HelloWorks is now Dropbox Forms, and HelloFax is now Dropbox Fax.

We’ve also made some updates to our in-product experience. When you sign in to the Dropbox Sign web app, you’ll notice a redesigned home page and onboarding experience that will highlight features for improving your workflows even more.

The Dropbox Sign free plan now includes unlimited signing and three send-for-signature requests, so you can sign documents without limits. Dropbox Sign Standard and Premium plans now include Dropbox Forms (50 transactions per month) at no extra cost, so you can collect customer information without sacrificing security. To learn more about Dropbox Forms and the differences in Forms and Sign settings and team permissions, visit this Help Center article.

Why are you making these changes?

As part of the Dropbox family, we’re excited to show you that we’re more than just eSignatures. In fact, Dropbox Sign, Dropbox Forms, and Dropbox Fax are part of a suite of Dropbox tools that can automate your work and extend your collaboration toolkit. We updated our products and names to reflect this identity and to offer you a wider range of Dropbox capabilities for serving your customers quickly and securely.

When will I see changes?

On October 25, you’ll begin seeing updates to our products, branding, and communications. Some of these changes may happen over the next few months, so please be patient as we roll out a new experience for you.

If your Dropbox Sign plan is being updated with additional capabilities at no cost to you—such as unlimited self-signing or Dropbox Forms—you’ll receive separate communications letting you know.

Where will I see these changes reflected?

You’ll see these changes rolling out in a number of places, including:

  • Our logos and brand names
  • Our integrations and partnerships
  • Web products
  • Mobile app
  • Billing documents
  • Some emails
  • Plan names
  • API documentation
  • OAuth access
  • Signing certificates

Do I need to do anything?

You don’t need to do a thing! We’ll take care of all the changes behind the scenes.

What happens to all of the documents I had in HelloSign or HelloWorks?

Rest assured, all of the contents in your account are right where you left them.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I go to learn more?
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If you still have questions, we’re more than happy to answer them! On November 8, 2022 the Dropbox Sign team walked through what our rebrand means for current (and future) Sign customers. We hosted a launch demo of our new offering, followed by a question-and-answer period with Michelle Keene, VP of Marketing and Kelash Kumar (KK), Vice President of our Dropbox Sign product. You can view the recording of that webinar here.

And remember—the following resources are always available to you:

Where can I learn more about sign-ins to, permissions, and updates to Dropbox Forms?
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To learn more about how to sign in to Dropbox Forms, the differences in Dropbox Forms and Dropbox Sign settings and team permissions, and updates to the Dropbox Forms free plan, visit this Help Center article.

Is my sign-in for Dropbox Sign the same as it was for HelloSign?
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Your sign-in for Dropbox Sign is the same as for HelloSign—there are no changes to your username or password.

Will my eSignature integrations still work?
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Yes, all of your integrations will still work! Instead of “HelloSign,” you’ll see “Dropbox Sign”—and that’s the only change with your integrations.

Some of these naming changes may happen over the next few months, so please be patient as we roll out a new experience for you.

Is anything changing with the security and compliance of Dropbox Sign?
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No, these changes will not affect the robust security and compliance features of Dropbox Sign. You can read more about the Dropbox Sign policies here.

Are you implementing any pricing changes for Dropbox Sign plans?
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No, we’re not changing any prices for Dropbox Sign plans. Your existing plan will not be affected by any pricing changes. Dropbox Sign free, Standard, and Premium customers will receive additional features at no extra cost.

What is self-sign?
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Self-signing is when you add your own signature to a document. Our free Dropbox Sign plan now includes unlimited self-signing, so you can sign as many documents as you need to, and three signature requests per month, so you can request signatures from others.

What are Dropbox Forms, and how do I access them?
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Dropbox Forms makes paperwork painless with mobile-friendly forms that allow you to quickly collect complex information—no coding necessary. No more chasing down missing documents, correcting errors, or organizing PDFs. With automated data collection, completion rates go up, saving your team valuable time and money. You can learn more about Dropbox Forms here.

To get started, simply:

  • Open Dropbox Forms (formerly HelloWorks)
  • Dropbox Sign Standard or Premium customers should enter the email address and password that they currently use with their account
  • Get started in minutes by choosing a form from our templates library

Note: If you’re a member of a team, make sure to check with your team admin before accessing Dropbox Forms.

Which languages are Dropbox Sign and Dropbox Forms offered in?
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Dropbox Sign is accessible in these languages:

  • Chinese (simplified and traditional)
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malay
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Ukrainian

Learn how to change your preferred language here.

Dropbox Forms is currently accessible only in English (United States).

What is an electronic signature?
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An electronic signature, also known as an eSignature, is a person’s electronic expression of his or her agreement to the terms of a particular digital document, for example a sales contract. Fully legally binding, research shows that electronic signatures can significantly speed up the time it takes to get important agreements signed, and deals closed, over their physical equivalent.

Is a digital contract the same as an online contract?
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Unlike an electronic and digital signature, a ‘digital contract’ and ‘online contract’ refers to the same thing. That is to say, an agreement that has been drafted, signed and executed electronically online. Examples of digital contracts that can be executed online include lease agreements, sales contracts, NDAs, and HR paperwork.