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Jul 19, 2018
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Bottom Up - Transforming From the Grassroots

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Course Overview

In this course we discuss the benefits of leveraging wisdom of the existing workforce, and remind readers that most people naturally desire to do things in a more efficient way. 

We introduce the concept of unlocking employees’ ability to work more efficiently, and show that the individuals who own a particular process generally understand the best way that process should run. 

We discuss how organizations can use technology to make people more comfortable with the idea of adopting technology as part of the digital transformation process and show how the adoption of great technology, that delivers value immediately, can be the trigger for a groundswell of change. Finally, we discuss how to identify grassroots adopters and champions who will spread the culture of change across their peer group.

in this course
Course VII Whitepaper
Leveraging the Wisdom of the Crowds
The Four Conditions for Crowdsourcing Wisdom
How to Give People the Mandate to Do Stuff the Right Way
Getting People Comfortable with the Idea of Adopting New Tech
Getting People Comfortable with the Idea of Adopting New Tech