Driver Chauffeurs Cancer Treatment into the 21st Century with Digital Transaction Management

Gives patients access to thousands of treatments, modernizes a 150-year old marketplace

Gives patients access to thousands of treatments, modernizes a 150-year old marketplace


“In 2018, cancer patients are still required to enter a brick-and-mortar hospital and interact with a doctor just to learn their treatment options,” says Dr. Petros Giannikopoulos, co-founder and president of Driver. “This is a problem because different hospitals have different treatments, different doctors have different knowledge, and consequently too many patients fail to receive the best available treatment.”


According to the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), 87% of doctors say clinical trials provide high quality care. Yet only 3% of cancer patients participate in trials, and 60% of clinical trials don’t enroll a single patient. But cancer is a global problem. In fact, China has the world’s largest number of cancer patients, yet specialized treatment is in short supply, and there are only 18 oncologists per one million people.


As Erin Ahmed, Driver product manager says, “When it comes to a cancer diagnosis, time is of the essence and every hour, every minute counts.” Driver launched in stealth mode in 2015 in partnership with the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Chinese National Cancer Center (NCC), laser focused on digitizing and streamlining the manual and time-intensive process to give cancer patients unprecedented access to their treatment options.


Application completion rates by cancer patients using the Driver mobile app


Cancer treatment options in 3 countries now accessible through Driver’s platform

“For the patient it’s very important for us to make the process as efficient and smooth as possible, which is why we've employed the HelloSign API. Not only does it enable our platform to automate a lot of traditionally manual processes, but the white label capability helps give our consumers a seamless and time-efficient experience.”

Erin Ahmed, Product Manager


For their consumer mobile app, Driver needed to digitize the release of patient records to “speed the pace,” as Erin says, of connecting patients with treatment options.

“From the beginning, we decided to integrate digital transaction management into our consumer mobile app. One of our main requirements was HIPAA compliance. We were also looking for a solution that would enable an embedded signing flow, give us more than one signature method, like touch and type, and deliver true white-labeling.”

Driver evaluated five eSignature platforms: HelloSign, DocuSign, RightSignature, PandaDoc, and eSignLive (now OneSpan). “When we set out to build the consumer facing side of our platform in 2016, HelloSign was our first choice.

“Some key differentiators really set HelloSign apart from DocuSign and the others, like the true white label API, the embedded signing flow, excellent documentation and support, and the scalability,” adds Erin.


Connects Patients to 36+ Clinics Giving Access to 3,358+ Treatments

Driver is on their way to revolutionizing cancer care by transforming brick-and-mortar interactions into digital experiences. Since their inception, they have amassed an impressive network, which includes more than 36 leading cancer centers, such as the University of California, San Francisco, Cleveland Clinic, and Massachusetts General Hospital.


“Traditionally patients have only had access to what their oncologist knows about at their institution. Driver is changing that. Our growing network is giving cancer patients unprecedented access to over 3,000 treatment options,” says Erin. And they are constantly pushing to expand their network.

Achieves 94% Application Completion Rates

Through their flagship service, Hyperdrive, Driver is enabling faster connection of patients to network members providing treatments, and the HelloSign API is an integral component.


“We use Hellosign in our patient onboarding process for both of our service offerings. Leveraging this integration, patients only have to sign two documents. One is a consent form and the other is a HIPAA authorization form,” says Erin.


Digital transaction management with HelloSign enables Driver to deliver a seamless and efficient onboarding process. As Erin says, “With the integration of the HelloSign API into our consumer app, we’re achieving a 94% completion rate. The mobile-first approach has proven very useful, as we can not only enable signing by keypad, but also by touch.”

Driver is a technology platform that empowers any patient, anywhere in the world, to access treatment options across an unprecedented network of cancer centers without leaving home. With an app for the patient and an app for the doctor, Driver’s platform enables any cancer patient to have access to what they need to get more life.

Launched: 2015

$133B: Estimated spend on cancer therapies globally (USD)

161: Oncologists per one million people in the US

18: Oncologists per one million people in China

Empowers Patients, Complies with HIPAA, ESIGN, UETA and More

“All Driver consumers sign a HIPAA authorization form via HelloSign (embedded signing) enabling Driver to legally collect that patient's medical history and share it with authorized providers and the patients themselves,” says Erin.


If a patient goes to a new provider for treatment, the Driver platform automates medical records collection requests, eliminating that task for the patient.


“We rely on HelloSign for compliance with HIPAA, ESIGN, UETA, and HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act). The audit trail helps Driver build credibility with medical records offices, which is key to serving patients faster, and growing to serve more patients,” adds Erin.

Digitizes a Traditionally Manual Process, Reducing Patient Burden

The Driver platform cleans and organizes the records so that the patient gets all their information in an easily digestible format, giving them visibility and access to their vital data without having to employ a print-sign-scan-fax-mail workflow.


“For the patient, it's very important for us to make it as efficient and smooth as possible, which is why we've employed the HelloSign API. Not only does it enable our platform to automate a lot of traditionally manual processes, but its white label capability helps give our consumers a seamless and time-efficient experience,” says Erin.

What’s Next for Driver?

“We hope to serve as many patients as we can. However, one of the things that we take most pride in is essentially how high touch our patient experience is,” says Erin. Driver’s next challenge is finding the balance of being able to scale while maintaining an excellent patient experience.

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