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Video Demo: How to Sign Documents Using Dropbox Sign

Sarah Gabot
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If you haven’t already tried us out, Dropbox Sign is the fastest and best eSignature software out there. You can set up and send a document out for signature in a matter of seconds. 

To give you a peek into the product, we made a short video demo showing you how to sign a document using Dropbox Sign:


Pretty simple, right? Of course, you can always try it out for yourself. Just sign up for 

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Video transcript:

"Hi! Welcome to Dropbox Sign. We’re going to give you a quick introduction to our product so you can see exactly how simple and fast Dropbox Sign is for sending and signing online documents.

You can sign or request a signed document in a matter of minutes. To get started, figure out who has to sign your document. We have three quick options to choose from depending on who needs to sign. Let’s see what it’s like to request a signature from someone. You can upload the document from your hard drive, use a saved template, or bring in a document from one of your cloud storage accounts. We’re going to upload the document straight from our hard drive.

Let’s pretend we’re a chocolate company, sending a job offer to our most recent job candidate. Setting up the document is fast and easy. Click on the type of field you want and drag and drop. When the document is prepared, send your signature request and you’re all set.

When a signature request is completed, you’ll receive an email notification that includes a copy of the completed, signed document. And that’s it! Simple as that. When you’re done, you can securely store your documents with one of your favorite applications such as Dropbox, Box, Gmail and Google Drive. Check out our pricing page to see which plan works best for you. Visit us at Dropbox Sign.

Thanks for watching!"



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