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Everything You Need to Know About Professional Services at HelloSign

Everything You Need to Know About Professional Services at HelloSign

If you're familiar with HelloSign’s story, you might know that we started out as an online fax service. We then developed our eSignature and API products where they are now market leaders helping businesses send and sign legally binding agreements. And over the past few years, we innovated continuously and expanded into broader areas like Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and Workflow Content Automation (WCA). All this ultimately resulted in our latest product: HelloWorks.

HelloWorks is aimed at simplifying the most complex workflow giving all the power to our users to create and execute processes on the fly without having to deal with complicated and time consuming paper-based documents.

With this suite of products comes the responsibility of identifying the right product for solving the challenges our customers face across their businesses. Part of this is determined by HelloSign’s Professional Services (PS) team.

Our Approach to Professional Services at HelloSign

The Professional Services (PS) team at HelloSign is an extension of our customer operations team. Our main goal in PS is to better help our enterprise customers with product implementations. The PS team does this is by taking a holistic approach to solving the pain-points in our customer’s business processes. 

We work closely with our sales team and customers from early on in the sales cycle to get a clear understanding of the use cases. Then, we come up with solutions that involve the right set of products to match customer needs.

There are several key ways we do this:

  • Product Implementations for New Customers
  • Working with Partners on Integrations
  • Building Proof of Concepts
  • Training and Onboarding Customers

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Product Implementations for New Customers

Product implementations are a primary responsibility of our Professional Services team. We want to help a customer figure out the smoothest and most effective way to implement a solution.

A typical Professional Services implementation might go through the following phases:

Each stage in the cycle is considered an essential part of the success of our customers. That’s because we don’t simply want to improve a system, we want to make sure we’re doing so in the most effective way!

Here’s an example.

We recently helped one of our HelloWorks customers to streamline their entire onboarding process which was taking anywhere between a few weeks to months. After taking a hard look at their systems, we realized that they had been using a legacy background check provider which slowed down the entire process and made it nearly impossible  to create a seamless experience.

Our recommendation involved a completely revamped onboarding process with API-based background check providers & an integration with our HelloWorks platform.

With this new process, our customer was able automate the entire process, drastically reducing the time it takes to hire and onboard employees.

Working With Partners on the Integrations

We understand that for any implementation to be successful, we have to get the integrations right. 

To make sure this happens we analyze all the systems involved and suggest improvements across the entire landscape. This helps to not only to maximize the benefits from our products, but also eventually removes the friction from business processes.

Additionally, our API makes it simpler to integrate with several key operational systems like CRMs, billing, and other enterprise systems.

Building Proof of Concepts

In the case of complex projects that involve multiple systems, we take a consultative approach and work with our customers to break the problem into multiple components. We understand that some of the enterprise initiatives like digital transformation can be mission-critical involving risks to the status quo.

To mitigate this, we create a Proof-of-Concept a.k.a Pilot project to make sure our customers feel confident about the implementation.

These approaches have not only helped us to gain our customers confidence but also to take deliberate project decisions. “Be Deliberate” is after all, one of our core values here at HelloSign.

Training and Onboarding Customers

With great changes come great resistance from people involved in the business processes. 

In the initial phases after implementation, Professional Services helps customers to onboard and assist with any problems that they might encounter with the transition. One of the aspects that distinguishes HelloSign/HelloWorks from rest of the pack is that we provide our customers with easy to use APIs and well documented knowledge base with wealth of reference documents. 

All our products have been designed with a “self-serve” mindset and empower users to try things on their own with minimal assistance aligning well with our another core value  “Make our Users Awesome."

At the end of the day, we're here to help you build your best business!

Helping our customers achieve their goals by creating efficient processes is our top priority. We know that time-to-market is extremely important given the rapid evolution of technologies and business landscape. Our structured approach to Professional Services results in faster implementations timelines, ranging from couple of days to a few weeks. 

Explore our products to us to see how HelloSign’s Professional Services can help simplify your work.

See for yourself!

Explore the HelloSign platform to see how our professional services team can help you reach your business goals.

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