How Brokermint Increased Their Sales Conversion Rate 23% by Leveraging eSignatures

Brokermint Uses HelloSign

Brokermint is a San Diego-based SaaS company that provides back office software to real estate firms, real estate brokerages, and real estate companies. Their software combines various real estate investing tools and workflows into one easy-to-use platform. 

Andrew Chischevoy, Brokermint’s Co-founder, explained the inspiration behind Brokermint’s business model:

"We know that, on average, realtors use seven to twelve tools. They love technology, but the downside is they use too many systems. 
Any platform that can consolidate multiple tools is a HUGE win for them.”

So equipped with a long history in real estate and fueled by a passion for simplifying complicated processes, Andrew and his business partner set out to create a fully paperless platform to sweep the market.

Evolving the Brokermint Paperless Platform

Brokermint jumpstarted their platform by consolidating different tools for managing investment workflows.

“Any company that does real estate sales can use Brokermint’s platform to streamline the contract to close process. They use our system to do all of the paperwork, take care of all of the financial nuances, generate all the needed forms, and ultimately push all needed information to their accounting package, which is usually QuickBooks. We also customize different reports for them.”

The user-friendly software was a huge help to brokers, who traditionally juggle dozens of tasks. But when it came to leveling up the value of the Brokermint software, they knew they needed another very important addition: eSignatures.

"Since we started as a paperless platform, we had quite a few different options for [customers] to add or manage documents that already been executed. At a certain point in time, it became obvious that we had to have an eSignature option within the system.”

So the search for an eSignature solution began, taken on by Brokermint’s technology team. The team evaluated dozens of providers and assessed many components to find the right fit.

"The core goal was to find the eSignature solution that we could introduce into our system without overcomplicating the process. We wanted a full integration of that signature product into the platform for our clients. We didn’t want them to have to go and sign up on another browser, create any third party accounts, or connect any other tools. 
Technology-wise, interface-wise, and price-wise HelloSign was the perfect fit for us.”

After Integrating eSignature from HelloSign, Brokermint Experienced a 23% Increase in Sales

Brokermint integrated the HelloSign API in early 2016 and saw immediate and impressive returns. The appeal of the new electronic signing function had an absolutely amazing effect on their sales.

"The HelloSign API has been a huge win for Brokermint. Since integrating the HelloSign API, we increased the conversion ratio on the sales side by 23%. It's also been a huge benefit for customer retention."

In addition to eSignature technology being a valuable selling point for their platform, other API features like pre-populated data fields (called merge fields) have helped Brokermint stay aligned with their core goal of creating a simpler management platform.

"We use the merge field function as much as possible, since all information about the real estate deals remains in our system. 
When a user wants to execute a document, we can pre-populate close to 90% of that information right in the document. They don't really have to enter anything manually. It's been a really nice and seamless experience for clients.”

Adding Functionality Without Abandoning User Experience

Andrew also made sure to add that every decision made by Brokermint is driven by creating a great experience for their users. As such, Brokermint only seeks to integrate companies that share their same dedication to user experience.

“When we integrate any tool into our platform, we align all our expectations and our goals around a core goal of simplicity. We care about user experience. HelloSign has been a great partner for this.”

As for how Brokermint’s users are responding to the HelloSign integration: “They’re happy and excited that the eSignature function is finally available in our product. And when speaking of the user experience, they say that it's easy and intuitive.”

What’s Next for Brokermint?

Since launching in June of 2013, the company has grown to empower more than 8600 users to go completely paperless. They plan to continue innovating the platform by leveraging more eSignature functions – like automating the online agent onboarding process – to craft an even more pleasant and seamless experience for their users. 

To learn more about Brokermint and their amazing advances in the real estate industry, visit their website

To see how you can leverage the HelloSign API for your own success, visit our API page, visit our documentation, or reach out to our sales team for a demo.      

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