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HelloWorks Showcase: HR Workflows

HelloWorks for HR

HelloWorks is our answer to overly complicated and inefficient workflows. The solution takes any combination of documents, stitches them together with code, and adds conditional logic along the way. 

The result is a sleek and intelligent document flow. 

We’ll be sharing examples of what HelloWorks can do over the next few weeks in our “HelloWorks Showcase Series.” To kick it off, let's take a look at one of the most universally frustrating workflows: new employee hiring.

We've All Been There

Hiring is something that touches nearly every company, yet the workflows surrounding hiring are often outdated, inefficient, and time-consuming. Employees are required to sift through dozens of documents and hiring managers are left to organize, store, and disperse relevant information manually. 

HelloWorks changes all of that. 

HelloWorks takes hiring documents and transforms them into a distilled and delightful experience for both the employee and the employer. The result is time saved on both sides, reduction in manual work for HR, and an entirely upgraded way to welcome new hires. 

Let’s explore what it might look like.

HelloWorks for HR Workflows

For this showcase, we put together an HR workflow using three common HR forms:

  • W-9
  • Employee Direct Deposit Form
  • General Employment Agreement

Traditionally, these forms need to be filled out separately (often using paper documents or clunky PDFs). But HelloWorks upgrades the entire experience. Here’s what an employee is greeted with as they begin:

The start screen outlines each of the documents they’re about to knock out. Keep in mind HelloWorks is totally mobile adaptive. The experience looks great from your computer, a tablet, or your mobile device. Any progress you make is also automatically saved so you can easily pick up where you left off if need be. 

After selecting “Get Started,” the employee is prompted to enter information that pertains to the first document in the hiring lineup: the infamous W-9.

Before they can begin, the employee is asked to select their tax classification. We’ll assume “Individual” for this example. 

What happens next is when it gets really interesting. 

Once “Individual” is selected, only the fields relevant to that particular filing classification are expanded. Non-relevant fields are hidden. This eliminates quite a bit of mental energy for the employee, and also ensures that only the fields that matter are completed.

The employee is now prompted to enter their information into a neat and tidy series of text fields. It’s a clean and sleek interface designed to get users through the flow easily and quickly. 

There are a couple fun things to note as the employee enters in their information: API additions and data validation. 

As the employee enters their address, a drop down menu appears:

The address field is a great example of how HelloWorks customers can build public APIs into their HelloWorks integration. 

In this case, the Google Maps API has been added. This means that when a user begins to enter in the first few characters of their address, a menu of intelligent "guesses" drops down. 

Just below the address field is a field asking for a social security number:

This particular field has been equipped with data validation. The field is coded to only accept numbers, so a user will be alerted if they accidentally enter a letter or symbol. This helps to protect against human error and keep data neat and clean. 

At the end the first screen, the user is asked for their signature:

This might look familiar if you’ve ever used HelloSign! We added the same easy online signing power into HelloWorks. The employee can simply type in their signature or draw it in using their finger or mouse.

Pretty easy so far, right? Now the employee moves on to the next screen. This is where it gets really interesting (again!). 

The next screen tackles the second document in the flow: a Direct Deposit form.

Any information entered on the previous screen is automatically inserted into relevant fields on this screen. There’s no need for repetitive entry! The employee just needs to fill in the blank fields. 

Once the second page is complete, the employee has already arrived at the final document in the flow: the “Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.” 

This last document is largely text, with only one action: sign to acknowledge.

Because the signatures was already created, the employee simply taps the signature box to insert their saved signature. 

That’s it! 

The employee has completed their flow with no repetitive data entry, no need to navigate PDFs, and all within a mobile-friendly and adaptive experience. The employer – on the other hand – now has all the necessary data at their behest. They can disperse the data accordingly, whether that be to Tim in accounting or Jill in IT. 

A once complicated and messy document workflow is transformed into one simple but intelligent flow.

Benefits of HelloWorks in HR

There are many benefits to using HelloWorks for HR workflows. 

Chief among them:

  • Data that’s easily accessible. HelloWorks keeps data dynamic, moving, fluid, and flexible. Information collected goes exactly where you need it to, without locking it away in a PDF.
  • Workflows that are smart a whip. Documents can be prepared with conditional logic and data validation, creating a flow that automatically adapts to each and every new user.
  • Faster completion rates. HelloWorks condenses the amount of work done by the person filling out the document. That means a faster time to completion for them, and fewer “Just checking in” emails for you. Progress is always saved, so anyone can pick-up where they left off (on any device).

HelloWorks Simplifies Any (and We Mean Any) Workflow

Hiring workflows are just the beginning. There’s truly no workflow too complicated for HelloWorks! Explore how else you might use HelloWorks in our blog post “3 Ways to Use HelloWorks (Out of About a Million).

To learn more about what you can do with HelloWorks, visit the HelloWorks page.

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