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Speed Up Form Completion Rates and Improve Customer Experience with HelloWorks Conditional Logic

Matthew Faraclas
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Getting complex forms completed quickly and accurately has always been a frustrating part of business. It's a friction point for companies sending out important documents (“We’re losing half our applicants to drop-off!”) and it’s often really tedious for individual's inputting information (“Why do I have to sift through fields that aren’t even relevant to me?”).

Solving this type of challenge has always been a priority for us as we built HelloWorks. (New to HelloWorks? Try it out free here.) And with the latest HelloWorks capability “Conditional Logic,” we’ve taken our users one big step closer to a totally frictionless form-filling experience.

What is Conditional Logic?

Conditional logic is a no-code feature inside the HelloWorks Portal. It gives HelloWorks customers the ability to add conditional rules (AKA “if /then” logic) with a few clicks while building a HelloWorks form.

When conditional logic is at play,  end users will only see information and fields relevant to them. The personalized and intelligent workflow ultimately leads to higher completion rates, improved customer experience, and the simplification of complex work.

A great example of where you might use “Conditional Logic” is a W-9 Government Form. By adding “If/Then” logic to this workflow, a participant filing their taxes as an “Individual” will see a different set of follow-up questions versus if they select “Business.”

Here’s what it looks like for you as you build the form with conditional logic:

HelloWorks conditional logic builder screenshot

On the flip side, here's what your customer (participant completing the form) will see as they fill out the W-9 workflow:

Customer view of HelloWorks conditional logic screenshot

Pretty amazing, right?

Benefits of HelloWorks Conditional Logic

It’s always been our aim to make work as simple as possible for our customers and their customers. Conditional logic results in improvements for everyone involved.

Here are a few of our favorite benefits:

  • Intelligent and personalized form filling experiences for your end users, leading to higher completion rates. End users won't struggle with juggling complex documents and forms. Instead, they’ll enjoy an abbreviated and guided experience when completing forms. The result is a better end-user experience and higher completion rates.
  • Faster completion rates, leading to faster time-to-revenue. Customers using HelloWorks today are seeing up to 3X faster turnaround times on workflows directly related to revenue
  • Drag-and-drop no-code builder that makes it easy to add “Conditional Logic” to HelloWorks workflows. You don’t need a technical background to use “Conditional Logic.” You can easily add “If/Then” logic to your workflow using your HelloWorks drag-and-drop builder.

Great Use Cases for HelloWorks Conditional Logic

A W-9 isn’t the only place to employ “Conditional Logic” using HelloWorks.

Here are a few others:

  • Government forms similar to the example of the W-9 above.
  • Medical paperwork such as patient intake forms. (For example, a form where a participant enters that they are allergic to something may show different information than one for someone who is not allergic to anything).
  • Loan paperwork in real estate, escrow, small business, and beyond.
  • Client intake forms that are personalized to applicants and/or participants.
  • And many, many more!

Ready to Get Started? Try It Out!

Conditional logic is available to all plans of HelloWorks (including free!). Try it out for yourself by logging into your HelloWorks account. New to HelloWorks? Sign-up for a free plan here.

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Happy building!

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