DocuSign, with $230 million in funding, why are you copying us?

DocuSign Copying HelloSign
New look, same great product! HelloSign is now Dropbox Sign.

DocuSign just launched “The New Experience” and it copies the HelloSign user experience.

We (HelloSign) implemented the page above (left) on April 14, 2013. DocuSign implemented the above page (right) in November, 2014 (over 1 year later). 

When we started years ago, we invested in creating the absolute best user experience.  DocuSign has 1,000 employees, $230 million in funding to date and a $1.6 billion valuation. That means that a company with 30x our team size and 65x our funding chose to imitate our interface instead of creating their own. Here is DocuSign’s design before they copied us this month:

Here’s a closer look at what it looks like now - after they copied our design:

The page they copied isn’t just any page. This is the first page you see when you log into HelloSign or DocuSign. This page is core to the product. Your experience with the product starts here. Electronic signatures are complicated. Our product (and our API) involves a lot of complex workflows. Figuring out how to simplify this process was a significant challenge. 

Simplicity isn’t simple. But we broke through. And then DocuSign copied us. 

Why is this a big deal? 

We wanted to go on record to make sure everyone knows where innovation in the electronic signature space comes from. We don’t compete with DocuSign on size or marketing spend. Instead, we made a deliberate choice to focus on building the best possible product and embedded signing experience for our users. This is our competitive advantage. This is why DocuSign copying our product is something we cannot accept. 

We want to live in a world where innovation happens, where companies talk to their users and invest in making something people want. Copying in tech is going too far and if it's okay for a company with a $1.6 billion dollar valuation to do it, we’re not sure where it'll stop. 

The only way companies will stop doing this is if people ask them to stop. 

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