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3 Ways to Use HelloWorks (Out of About a Million)

3 Ways to Use HelloWorks

Even in this day and age, there are still major challenges with online document workflows.

Companies rely on PDFs that lock data away. The UX for filling out documents online is often incompatible with mobile. And there’s a never ending need for repetitive data entry, from both customers and companies.

Obstacles like these aren’t only frustrating they have negative business impact like low completion rates for important documents and high remediation costs for companies.

Our latest solution, HelloWorks, solves costly and inefficient workflows. It’s a mobile-friendly and intelligent solution for document workflows.

The best part is that HelloWorks can be used for any series of documents!

Let’s take a look at three different examples to show you the versatility of the solution.

1. HelloWorks for HR Workflows

HR workflows have long been a pain in the you-know-what. Hiring managers have to juggle dozens of documents across dozens of employees and departments.

New hires, on the other hand, have to spend time and energy filling out new hire paperwork when they could be getting acclimated to their new position.

HelloWorks removes all that tedious grunt-work, gifting HR managers and new hires time and efficiency.

Let’s look at a common bundle of onboarding documents that can be streamlined using HelloWorks:

  • W-9
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • NDA

Traditionally, these documents would need to be printed, filled out, and then scanned for storage. Information entered into the document fields would then need to be manually entered into a database, or extracted from the PDF in the future.

But with HelloWorks, the onboarding paperwork is condensed to just a few fields and clicks.

Start screen for HR HelloWorks flow:


First series of fields for HR HelloWorks flow:

The new hire simply enters information that’s relevant to their position and their hire. They enjoy a mobile-friendly experience that is guided and easy to get through. What’s more, any information entered into a field will auto-fill any other matching fields. That means the new hire only has to enter their name once.


Behind the scenes, the hiring manager gets all the right information sent directly to their database, where they can access it as needed. Information can then be routed directly to other relevant teams or team members, instead of circulated in PDF format.

It’s a game-changing improvement for any company that hires full-time, part-time, or contracted employees.

2. HelloWorks for Leasing or Buying a Property

Can you imagine preparing or filling out a 75-page commercial lease on your phone? Neither could we.

Complex documents like leases and mortgage documents are tough enough. But when you add a sub-optimal mobile-experience you have a recipe for disaster.

We kept scenarios like that in mind when building HelloWorks.

Property managers now have the power to easily prepare lengthy leasing documents on their phone or tablet. No need to navigate through PDFs, or head back to the office to prepare documents on a desktop! The workflow stays sleek and simple to navigate no matter what device is being used.

Here’s an example of what it might look like.

Property manager fills out information for the property lease agreement:

The property manager begins by filling out the details of the lease. They see the same easy-to-navigate data entry experience their tenants will eventually see. There’s no extra text to sift through, and any information entered into a field is automatically mapped to the corresponding field in the original lease document. They also have the ability to sign the document using HelloSign’s easy online signing functionality.

Once the document is prepared with the correct information, sending it to the tenant is as simple as a few clicks.

The tenant will receive an email with the nearly completed lease agreement. All they need to do is open the link to the HelloWorks workflow and fill in any outstanding fields and sign.

What the tenant sees:

The tenant may also be prompted to complete other workflow actions at this time. For example, they may be guided to upload their latest bank statement. The series of actions in the workflow is entirely dependent on how the HelloWorks workflow is designed. Each workflow can be custom-built to include all required actions and steps to complete the workflow!

A completed copy of the lease is sent to both parties at the end of the workflow.

3. HelloWorks for Small Business Loans

Small businesses have to operate under BIG paperwork requirements. HelloWorks makes everything easier for both the business owner and companies supporting them.

Let’s look at one of the keystone workflows for getting a business off the ground: obtaining a small business loan.

HelloWorks makes it simple for lender and borrower alike to get everything zipped up and ready to go. The lender first prepares the documents required in the lending workflow. These are coded together with HelloWorks and transformed into an intelligent flow. The borrower enjoys an easy workflow and the lender receives the data they need, without having to extract it from a PDF.

In the example below, a lender is asking a borrower to complete “Borrower Information Form” and “Statement of Personal History.” You’ll also notice that the experience has been white labeled, so the lender’s logo is front and center.

Start screen for small business loan HelloWorks flow:

HelloWorks allows you to add conditional logic to fields, resulting in a flow that adapts based on a user’s answer. For example, a lender might ask “Are you the sole owner of this business?” The form will adapt based on the borrower’s answer.

What the borrower first sees:


The borrower continues through the flow, only seeing the fields relevant to their particular situation. Once the borrower’s information is submitted, the lender will receive data that’s ready to be put to work (instead of locked away in a PDF).

HelloWorks shrinks the effort needed to securely complete loan documents like this, and gets lender and borrower connected quicker.

HelloWorks for [Insert Anything]

Every HelloWorks flow is created by taking separate documents, linking them together, and adding conditional logic and data validation along the way. The result are workflows that are smart as a whip.

  • Other ways to use HelloWorks:
  • Hiring workflows
  • Tax forms
  • Financial documents
  • Investing paperwork
  • Government documents
  • Medical paperwork
  • And many, many more!

Fantastic Features of HelloWorks

  • Exceptional UX at every interaction.
  • Workflows built with mobile in mind.
  • Conditional logic for text fields, making documents adaptive and intelligent.
  • Data validation to protect against errors in real-time.
  • Workflows can be supplemented by plugging in outside APIs.

Want to Learn More? Check Out Our HelloWorks page!

Read all about our latest product on our HelloWorks page or request a demo of HelloWorks today.

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